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Bride Ride x SoulCycle

Bride Ride x SoulCycle

Okay... As a lot of you know, I like to eat & eat good food!!! Not gluten free/no crazy diet!!! I do eat in moderation, but I also need to do a little something to get those calories burnin' if you know what I'm saying!!! 

I've found SoulCycle to be SO successful with doing just that. I huff & puff the whole class but it is SO worth it! It feels like I'm at a club except I'm actually working out!!! That's why I am so excited to announce ...


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LADIES/BRIDES if you're wanting something to get you fit for your wedding or post honeymooners if you need to take off those calories (aka me) then you can't miss the Bride Ride hosted by WeddingWire at SoulCycle!!! I am so bummed I will miss it since I will be in New York, but me and my girls are thinking of maybe doing a Soul Cycle class in NY so it's like we'll all be peddling along together! Hehe. 

I rave about it so much because It's such an effective way to get toned & lose weight & the class is actually FUN. I know. I never thought I'd say that about working out! & it goes by so fast which is also A HUGE plus!! 

This event is free & brides of course you can bring your groom/ bridesmaids!! Complimentary Jujubeet juice will be provided after as well!! So jealous of you all who get to go!! Cycle those calories away! Happy Bride Ride!! xoxo



And thank you WeddingWire for sponsoring this post!!! 

City Sweats (Sweatin' off CALORIES)

City Sweats (Sweatin' off CALORIES)