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Lika Love Fashion

Lika Love Fashion

Okay... on the real though, how hard is it to find a store that ACTUALLY has everything you love?! AND that's unique!!! I stumbled across Lika Love Boutique in Madison Valley from a blogger event & I fell in love. '

Not only is the store SO so cute, but Malika the boutique owner is so friendly, helpful & truly has a knack for what she does!

We decided to use our fashion love & do a little collab for you all!! Our amazing photographer Tracy Lamont ( captured the styles while I modeled the looks Malika thought truly showed off her style in her boutique!! 

Let's be real. Seattle right now is way too cold. About 50 degrees colder than what I'd like hahahaha. However with this beanie & the softest sweater & jeans, I wasn't complaining!! This might've been my favorite look from the shoot. I love the simplicity of it, but also the little hidden pop the necklace gives!! 

Who else buys huge bags just to throw all their stuff in there?!?! That's definitely me to a T!!! Also praying turtlenecks never go out of style... love these chunky earrings & how it really brings the whole outfit together!

So many people asked me if I was engaged from this ring photo hahahaha. No I am not, also it's on the wrong hand everybody lol. But how cute is the ring though?!? Love this layered sweater look, I've been layering so much of my closet lately to spice up my wardrobe!! 

When I look at this outfit I think 2 things: 1- NYE & 2- YAAAAS !!! Can't lie, I felt so sassy in this outfit. Especially with Tracy & Malika pumping me up for this look!! HELLO to this bomber too am I right?!?! 

I'm a sucker for a good beanie & some athletic gear!! Felt so cozy & ready to go on a run (minus my booties) in this look!! I think I might start rewarding myself for working out with new clothes... could work. 

I'm so for supporting local businesses, especially one's that deserve the attention!! Still obsessing over the amazing Malika & her store, & don't think I'll ever stop obsessing! Get these looks you saw & more at Lika Love Boutique located in West Seattle & Madison Valley! You might just see me there too HAHAH!!

Photos by the talented Tracy Lamont:


Layerin' Up!!

Layerin' Up!!

All whites ( + pink!! )

All whites ( + pink!! )