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Athletic Wear + lil' tips & tricks!!

Athletic Wear + lil' tips & tricks!!

Prepare to see a million pics in this blog, I loved this shoot so much HAHA!! The one & only Megan Holmberg Photography (my main girrrrl -> ) 

I'm a strong believer that looking cute.. somewhat cute/decent can totally make a difference in your workout. Hahahhahaa I can imagine some of your comments right now, but TRUST ME... at least for me it seems to do a little bit!! 

I wanted to link some of my favorite athletic wear for those of you that need that lil' bit of motivation like me! & also some tips for what I do in my workouts & attempts to eat healthy!

Linked my favorite wear that I currently own (& some that will be my next purchase ;). Even though these clothes seem a tad like an investment, I promise, promise, promise you they are worth every penny!! I try to find shortcuts to buy clothes at a good price, but I am willing to put some $$$ down for this stuff!!

AHH! These I've been living in these Nike Huarache's !!! Not sure if they're meant for working out, but they're the comfiest shoes I've worn working out so it's doin' the trick for me HAHA! & these 2 other Nike pairs have been on my wishlist 4 ever & I'm dying to grab em' soon!!

My Eating & Working Out Advice:

I've heard it all, do this diet, that diet, Atkins, Whole30, Gluten Free blah blah blah. All great, but I seriously believe in the power of a little bit of everything in moderation!! I recently went on the Atkins diet for about a month & a half a few months ago & it worked great!! ... Until I gained all of it back in a week after going off of it. I believe once you can develop a lifestyle of self control & not over-eating you're set!! 

As far as working out, I do enjoy (at times) going to the gym, but life gets in the way sometime am I right?! & that's where I think that eating in moderation will really do the difference for you. I like using the gym for Ab Workouts, Cardio (slight lol), and some good ole' squats! I think if you're really wanting to maintain your weight (or lose weight) eating in moderation is your best bet! You don't feel deprived (As I've felt after certain diets); you feel like you can really last the long haul!!

P.S. I have this water bottle currently in 3 colors lol. & I linked another cutie as well! 

Well I'm impressed if you made it this far HAHA I sure got babbling! Hope you got a few tips & tricks out of this, & if not maybe some cute clothes ;)


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