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Snow Day Look!!

Snow Day Look!!

The first of many shoots with my new photographer Megan Holmberg!! YAY! As many of you may have heard from my instagram we are now in an official partnership! I am so so excited for all of the projects coming our way!!

With this shoot we decided to do something a little less “Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger-ish” & head up to the snowy mountains! We thought it would be so fun to do something a little more adventurous & out of the norm (at least out of the norm for me hahahaha).

Jacket x Lululemon

Sweater x Forever 21

Jeans x Brandy Melville

Shoes x Steve Madden

Beanie x Carhart

Although winter wear is slowly getting traded out for spring wear, I personally LOVE wearing wintery clothes!! Oversized, cozy sweaters & coats are my absolute favorite (and I can usually get away with it living in Seattle)!

“NIKKI YOU MUST HAVE BEEN FREEZING!!” Well, yes it was HAHA! Between almost every photo I had my sweet friend throwing like 10 blankets on me!! Love how this look turned out! 

Can’t wait for more adventurous shoots! See all the pics from this project under my “Shoots” page!


Jean on Jean

Jean on Jean

Fall Feels

Fall Feels