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Seattle based. Obsessed with coffee, sweets, clothes & everything in between. 

Fall Feels

Fall Feels

Wow, the more & more I'm looking at that cupcake I'm really craving one right about now! EEEKK! This shoot was so much fun! Special thanks to the SO talented Megan Holmberg for taking these! Check out her work & more of these photos at !!

First of all, this shoot was DEF one of my faves!! So fun wandering tacoma (& anytime I get to eat cupcakes for a shoot it immediately makes it 10x more amazing). 

I love the simplicity of this outfit (whether it looks like it or not) I wanted to show you guys a few ways for outfits that you can wear and either keep it simple or dress it up!!

I've been so into these blanket sweater poncho's. They're so easy to wrap around a plain white shirt & still look dressed up. ALSO I love love love oversized sweaters. The messy/oversized look is totally my style so if you like that too I think we'll get along very well !!! 

Sweater x Nordstrom Rack

Top x Old Navy / tip : (SO cute & only $5!! Also very similar ones for $15-20 at Brandy Melville!)

Jeans x iT (Nordstrom)

Shoes x Steve Madden / tip : (these heels were $10 at Nordstrom Rack brand new!! Search at NR & find deals!!!)

Channeling my inner hipster here or at least trying to haha. As you can see through this next outfit I'm loving the denim on denim look! Wanna try to be a fake hipster like me too?! Get these cute black little booties, ripped skinny jeans, denim jacket, and a little half bun on your head!! Add some dark lipstick and you're set with your hipster kit!! P.S. & maybe add a coffee in hand too!!

*another helpful nikki tip* : We all love having new clothes and spicing up our closet am I right or am I right?? I get so tired of my clothes especially with trends coming and going. Especially denim jackets. It is SO hard to find good ones. So in order to spice up your closet, exchange / borrow with your friends !! This denim jacket is my friends but I love it so much, and with borrowing you can have all the new clothes, but minus the dent in your bank account !!

Jacket x Thrift shop

Top x Old Navy 

Jeans x Topshop

Booties x Steve Madden

Conscious Ink


I have had the most amazing opportunity to get to work with a company called Conscious Ink!! I'm so excited to share with you guys a little bit of what I do with their company & what they're all about!

I've had so many people come up to me, "NIKKI!! Did you get a few new tattoos?!?!" hahahaha, well kind of!! Conscious Ink is a company that produces temporary tattoos with meaningful messages. Personally, I've always been interested in having a tattoo, but way too much of a wimp to pull the trigger & actually get one hahaha. ALSO I have ZERO idea of what I'd want to get permanently on my body!! The great thing about Conscious Ink is that you can have the tattoo you've always wanted without the permanent commitment! (It's also a great way to ease into getting a tattoo if you're thinking about getting a permanent one). 

Love Unconditionally. What does loving someone unconditionally really look like? This tattoo really tugged at my heart & had me look at the way I love others. Am I loving others mistakes, flaws, and all? Or just for selfish reasonings. Sadly, nowadays we're so self motivated and selfish we lack to love others for who they really are. This really made me look at myself and my own sinful ambitions. I love this tattoo and everything Conscious Ink stands for so much because it stands to give real meaningful messages. I encourage you all today to look at yourself and how you love, and to really, truly love unconditionally!

Get your own temporary manifestation tattoos at !! Spread the love !! 

That's all for now, Stay tuned, more to come soon!! / Next on the blog, fall & winter fashion!


Snow Day Look!!

Snow Day Look!!